We are excited to announce the highly anticipated release of our new MiniDapp System!

Before you get stuck in, here is an introduction to the MiniDapp System and explanation of what MiniDapps are.

What is the MiniDapp System?

The MiniDapp system is an open application ecosystem. Similar to the Operating System on your phone that enables you to use Android apps, the MiniDapp System enables you to use MiniDapps on your Cada node.

What are MiniDapps?

MiniDapps are Cada’s Decentralized Applications running over Cada’s blockchain network. They are web applications that utilise the functionality enabled by the Cada blockchain and peer-to-peer network. This includes our Information Layer - Cadatiest and, in future, our Layer 2 - Omnia. They are your gateway to a true Web 3 economy, open and free.

A MiniDapp can be created for almost anything - some examples include decentralized finance, games, voting, marketplaces, messaging, social media - the world is your oyster.

How do MiniDapps differ from other decentralized applications (dApps)?

Other ‘decentralized’ applications are decentralized in name only, often relying on centralized services to run effectively. MiniDapps are not. MiniDapps are installed on and run directly from your node, and because every Cada user runs a complete node, there is no need to rely on centralized websites or companies to use MiniDapps. They are permissionless and borderless.

Who can build a MiniDapp?

Anyone can learn to build a MiniDapp. The front-end for MiniDapps can be written using the widely known JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Cada’s CTES scripting language is Turing-Complete, allowing for powerful smart contract driven applications. Building a MiniDapp is accessible to anyone willing to learn!

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